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I'm not sure if the inspiration behind these earrings is the recent coincidental conversations that I have had about Frank Lloyd Wright or that I just wanted to step outside my comfort zone - but regardless, these earrings are unlike anything that I have created in recent past. The silver focal point is an irregular polygon shape (not reminiscent of my usual circular, flowy, 'soft' designs), there is no texturizing of the silver at all except for slight buffing and brushing (gasp! no hammer dapples?!). Possibly the silver shape is a reflection of the intricately cut green amethyst gemstones; The cut of the amethyst is like a twisted cube...! Unlike any other cut I have seen before. So in these designs the 'cut' of both materials, stone & silver, highlight the beauty of the material. I love the simplicity & clean lines. These earrings are a refreshing change!

These earrings incorporate inch long, hand cut sterling silver shields, handmade sterling silver earwires & 14k gold-fill wrapped green amethyst gemstones.