NEW Aura Guardian Toggle Necklace

Labradorite has many metaphysical properties. This particular piece, with its striations in coloration, make it seem as though it is protecting something within. Labradorite is said to protect ones aura, so, possibly that is what I am gathering from this stunning specimen. The gemstone has flashes of light teal, deep indigo blue and rich turquoise, with a bit of golden flash at the pointed end. 

The hoop at the top of the teardrop is essentially the locking mechanism for the toggle clasp that is on the other end of the chain. The toggle easily slides into the loop and then locks into place. Really a great option for anyone who struggles with clasps at the back of the neck. The chain is a chunky 18" rolo chain and the Labradorite pendant hangs about 2" below the chain when clasped closed. The silver in the necklace is shiny silver.

One of a kind. 

This item is ready to ship, asap!