Floret Dangle Earrings

Subtle pink, show-stoppers! These gorgeous dangle earrings are perfect accent to any formal outfit, or if you are like me, overalls & a bandana! ;) 

Soft pink & sparkly, faceted Strawberry Quartz gemstones are set in shiny, sterling silver. The backs of the stone settings are open, to let a little light in. Lots of intricate silverwork involved in these earrings! Each earring has 18 pieces that are hand assembled, attached, filed, shined up.

These beauties remind us of the early buds & blossoms of the apple tree. It brings me right to a memory of fresh rain & the intoxicating scent of apple blossoms. I hope they can bring you a beautiful memory, too. 

One-of-a-kind. 3 inches in length. 

Ready to ship, asap!