NEW Flourishing Heart Necklace

A stunning piece of Labradorite**, carved as a heart, with flashes of blush, gold, blue, and greens. The gemstone is set in oxidized sterling silver* with botanical stamps flourishing from the side of the heart. Then the pendant is strung on two different types of chain. 

The pendant is 1 1/2" x 3/4", and the entire necklace is 18" in length. It is finished with a lobster clasp at the backside.


**This Labradorite gemstone has been coated with a doming solution to protect the gemstone. I like to mention this to clients since there is a layer between you & the stone. I have done used this process on the stone because I have noticed a sensitivity in it. This process makes the gemstone stronger to be able to last the test of time. 

*Please note that oxidized sterling silver is still sterling silver. It just has a darkening patina that gives the jewelry a vintage look. Wear can happen over time but can be protected with proper care.

  • $220.00