NEW Mexican Fire Opal Solitaire Ring

Mexican Fire Opal is truly magical material. In the peachy material, there are pockets that look like oil slick galaxies! Flashes in these pockets include lime green, vibrant pink, mauve, indigo, canary yellow. This Opal has a high dome, meaning that the surface of the stone arcs above the metal bezel.

This Opal is perched atop of one of our lovely Plume ring bands. The entire piece is oxidized sterling silver*, as to accentuate the details. 

Size 8.5.


Opal is a soft gemstone. Please take caution in the stones exposure to chemicals such as hair products, antibacterial soap, hand sanitizer, etc. Prolonged exposure to chemicals can change the color of the gemstone. 

Ready to ship, asap. 

*Please note that oxidized sterling silver is still pure sterling silver. It is a darkening patina that gives the jewelry a vintage look. Wear can happen over time but can be protected with proper care.