• NEW Regolith Dangle Earrings
  • NEW Regolith Dangle Earrings

NEW Regolith Dangle Earrings

Regolith is the top layer of the moon that is powdery soil mixed with scattered rock debris from meteor impact debris, this particular patterning reminded me of looking up to the moon and seeing its craters. 

The earring pendants are made of pure silver and has been hand shaped, cut, stamped and oxidized* to enhance the texture. The earrings hang 2" in length, this includes the studio-made, sterling silver ear wires. 

These earrings are made by hand, in small batches. They will become available in clusters as I am able to create them. Since they are not cast and created one at a time, each is slightly different from the next. If there is none available, please check back again soon!***

Ready to ship, asap!

*Please note that oxidized sterling silver is still pure sterling silver. It is a darkening patina that gives the jewelry a vintage look. Wear can happen over time but can be protected with proper care.