• NEW Sunset Daydreams Coin Pearl Necklace
  • NEW Sunset Daydreams Coin Pearl Necklace
  • NEW Sunset Daydreams Coin Pearl Necklace

NEW Sunset Daydreams Coin Pearl Necklace

Fluffy clouds reflecting back the vibrant pinks and oranges of the golden, setting sun. This necklace was created during the Vermont flooding in July 2023. I started creating it because silk cord knotting brings me a great deal of comfort. While the rain poured outside my window, overflowed our rivers & dampened our property and homes - I thought of vibrant bright sunshine, the end to all of the rain, and the beautiful golden light just before the sun sets. This necklace was my therapy during a difficult time. I hope that the bearer will feel all of the healing comforts that creating this necklace gave to me. It feels like a dream on - smooth and silky with enough weight to feel like you are receiving a little hug.  

This necklace is made in the traditional ancient technique of silk cord knotting. Silk is extremely strong, so don't think that makes this necklace delicate! The silk in this necklace is a slight cream color. There are two handfuls of gorgeous chatoyant Coin Pearls* that look like ripping silk; a deep orange piece of Carnelian stands in center stage and it is flaked by a single, faceted & fiery Fire Opal. The necklace is 20 1/2" in length and is finished with a handcrafted, sterling silver s hook clasp. 

One of a kind. 

Ready to ship, asap!

*Please note that Pearls are becoming more and more rare as our oceans continue to be an inhabitable place for ocean life. Our prices on our Pearl jewelry continues to fluctuate with the market and we believe that prices will soon need to rise as the Pearl market becomes more and more scarce.