NEW Dash Necklace in Green CZ

Grass is greener... in the Spring. Or is it? As a Vermonter, it always seems like the first grass of Spring is electric green. After months of Winter, sometimes I think that my eyes are starved of color. This necklace reminds me of that first-grass-color.  

This necklace is 18" in length and made with green Cubic Zirconia, Iron Pyrite gemstones & handcrafted sterling silver charms strung on silk cord. The necklace is finished with a textured & oxidized sterling silver chain. 

A few-of-a-kind. 

Please note that oxidized sterling silver is still pure sterling silver. It is a darkening patina that gives the jewelry a vintage look. Wear can happen over time but can be protected with proper care. 

  • $120.00