Our Promise

High Quality Metal 

Whether it be Fine Silver, Sterling Silver, 14k gold fill, Rose Gold fill, Solid Gold or Argentium, we strive to offer you these metal choices in their purest form. We make sure that our suppliers have high standards for their fine metal! Also, when we can, we try to recycle our metals. This means that our scrap can turn into components in our work. We do what we can to lessen our impact.


Precious Gemstones

Gemstones are our passion; it is what has driven us from the start. So, of course we strive to bring to you high quality, natural gemstones, from around the world. We happily support small, conflict-free, lapidary artists throughout the United States & beyond. If something is lab created, glass or vintage, we make sure to be completely transparent so that you are informed about your purchase.