Custom Orders

Initial Contact & Timing 

Send our designer, Shannon, an email at with the title 'Custom Jewelry Inquiry'. 

Please allow at least a month lead time. We ask this of you because we take the time to go through the design process in great detail. Also, we want to make sure there is enough time to source precious gemstones & material not in stock.

This email, by no means, locks you into the process! Shannon will not bully you into an order, jewelry is too personal for that type of interaction. 



Consultation & Design Fees

We strive to create the jewelry of your dreams. In doing so, we walk through the design process in depth as well as research stones & order them directly from our lapidary contacts. This takes time - so we ask that there is an initial $75 consultation & design fee. If this fee is not utilized, your deposit will be credited towards the final cost of the jewelry. 

We do require a 50% down payment before gemstones are ordered and the remaining balance must be paid before the custom order fabrication is started. Please understand that this policy is in place because most of our custom orders cannot be re-sold. 

We do accept payment plans via Paypal, Venmo or Square.




We do our very best to create one-of-a kind pieces that you love! 

Please understand that because of the time and supplies rendered to create these unique pieces, we cannot issue refunds.

All jewelry sales are final. 

We thank you for your understanding.