Jewelry Care


Please make sure to keep your jewelry - especially ones adorned with stones away from such things as:

  • Lotions
  • Hair products 
  • Soap of any kind, but especially antibacterial
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Household cleaners
  • Harsh chemicals of any kind

Avoiding these will help protect the metal and stones from discoloration & deterioration.

To keep your jewelry tarnish free, store in a place where humidity can be minimized or eliminated. Use a glass jar, jewelry box or plastic bag. We include a little black sheet of charcoal with each order. Store your jewelry with this & it will help absorb excess moisture.

If you have a jewelry dip-style cleaner that you trust, you can use that on any of our sterling silver jewelry that DOES NOT have stones attached. If you want to clean jewelry (of any metal type) with stones attached, we recommend Sunshine Polishing Cloths. Cover the stones with your finger or a towel when shining the metal. Since gemstones are porous, jewelry cleaners can significantly affect the stones integrity & color, over time.

You can send jewelry back to us and we can clean it up for you, at a small fee (usually under $10). Shipping to & from will be the responsibility of the client. This offer only applies to jewelry that we have created.