Repurposed Jewelry

Antique, unwearable, out of style, heirloom jewelry

turned into new & modern designs!

Check out these amazing transformations...


From Grandfather's ring to Granddaughters pendant. Shiny silver with heirloom diamond. 



From a Mother's costume jewelry collection to modern & sleek necklace & post earring design. 



Repurposed engagement ring. From Grandmother to Granddaughter. Diamonds in oxidized sterling silver.  



A ring for the Mother of the bride! Heirloom (3 generational) wedding band with the addition of the MOTB's birthstone. Solid gold & sterling silver.



Top: The 'after': Concentric circle necklace, in oxidized sterling silver.  Sapphires added from ring & earring set in the bottom picture.




Stacking ring set for mother & daughter in mixed metal with diamond, amethyst & sapphires. Gemstones were removed from the grandmother's heirloom brooch and statement ring.




Mother & daughter ring sets. Each set is mixed-metal with a piece of hand-selected turquoise. The mother's ring set (top) has a repurposed diamond from her engagement ring. 




After photo on top! LARGE, heirloom, high-quality aquamarine set in oxidized sterling silver. From statement ring to statement necklace.  




Sentimental beach glass charm bracelet. 




Heirloom topaz removed from old ring setting & re-set in 14k gold. 




Heirloom opal, diamonds & gold band from engagement ring turned into a chunky, modern sterling silver statement ring. From mother to daughter. 




Grandmother's costume jewelry turned into statement necklace & earring set for her granddaughter. 




This necklace went through the shredder - literally! We did not have a 'before' photo of what it looked like when it was once intact, but the bottom picture is our master metalsmith meeting with a client to re-create the necklace. Check out the shredded necklace (top left) and our finished product (top right). This one was incredibly difficult but SO rewarding. 



Heirloom diamonds, aquamarine & emeralds from grandmothers jewelry box to a modern ring for her granddaughter.