Repurposed Jewelry

Old, unwearable or heirloom jewelry turned into new & modern designs! Check out these amazing transformations.



Top: The 'after': Concentric circle necklace, in oxidized sterling silver.  Sapphires added from ring & earring set in the bottom picture.




Stacking ring set for mother & daughter in mixed metal with diamond, amethyst & sapphires. Gemstones were removed from the grandmother's heirloom brooch and statement ring.




Mother & daughter ring sets. Each set is mixed-metal with a piece of hand-selected turquoise. The mother's ring set (top) has a repurposed diamond from her engagement ring. 




After photo on top! LARGE, heirloom, high-quality aquamarine set in oxidized sterling silver. From statement ring to statement necklace.  




Beach glass charm bracelet. 




Heirloom topaz removed from old ring setting & re-set in 14k gold. 




Heirloom opal, diamonds & gold band from engagement ring turned into a chunky, modern sterling silver statement ring. From mother to daughter. 




Grandmother's costume jewelry turned into statement necklace & earring set for her granddaughter. 




This necklace went through the shredder - literally! We did not have a 'before' photo of what it looked like when it was once intact, but the bottom picture is our master metalsmith meeting with a client to re-create the necklace. Check out the shredded necklace (top left) and our finished product (top right). This one was incredibly difficult but SO rewarding. 




Deep dark lapis lazuli cabochons set onto a pair of our Ginkgo Swing earrings. Oxidized sterling silver. 




Found purple quartz fishing arrowhead set in hand-cut, reticulated & oxidized sterling silver.




Triangular diamond from engagement ring, given new life on a textured & oxidized wide, sterling silver band. 




Heirloom diamonds, aquamarine & emeralds from grandmothers jewelry box to a modern ring for her granddaughter.