NEW Black Opal Stacking Ring in Cherry

Deep, mysterious Black Opals mixed with a complimenting juicy hued gem. 

The Black Opal has a deep base, looking black at first glance. But, when the stone is brought into the light, the opal fire explodes! This opal shines hues of vibrant red, gold and orange. The face of the gemstone has been slightly faceted.

The Ruby is a gorgeous magenta in hue. It is a smooth, round gem that pairs perfectly with the opal.

All of the rings and stone settings are made with sterling silver that has been given a slightly matte finish. 

This is a three ring set:

Ring 1: Hammered ring band with Ruby.

Ring 2: Frieze ring band with Black Opal.

Ring 3: Bubble band, no stones attached. 

One of a kind. 

Size 7.

Ready to ship, asap! 

  • $220.00