• NEW Curio Necklace
  • NEW Curio Necklace
  • NEW Curio Necklace

NEW Curio Necklace

Ever gone into a funky shop with lots of glass cabinets, chock full of treasures? Or, if you are like me, you have one of those in your studio (and home! ha!). This necklace is my version of a collection of treasures in its own little shadowbox. 

The top stone is an Australian Opal, in a teal blue shade that flashes color of vibrant green and pink. The middle stone is Spectrolite, it looks very similar to Labradorite. It has a dark blue base that flashes gold, green and vibrant pinks. The bottom stone is a deep grass green hued Boulder Chrysoprase. They all compliment each other in some way, feeling like a sweet little gemstone collection. 

The pendant is sterling silver that has been oxidized to enhance the textures on the necklace. The pendant is 2" in length and strung on 24" of deerskin leather. It can hang long or be double wrapped. At the back of the necklace is a handmade s-hook clasp. This looks really cool in the front when it is doubled up around the neck. 

One of a kind. 

*Please note that oxidized sterling silver is still sterling silver. The only difference is that an oxidizing solution has been added to the surface of the sterling silver to give it a vintage appearance. If cared for properly, the oxidization will last a long time, giving your jewelry lots of lovely depth.

*Item is ready to ship our of our studio, asap! 

  • $320.00