Dahlia Flower Solitaire Ring in Teal

A really unique ring that will absolutely get you lots of attention! 

A budding Dahlia blossom made with fine silver, brushed to give it a beautiful matte finish. At the center of the ring, a small Sterling Opal* has been placed and set in our sawtooth bezel. The blossom is perched on a shiny, hammered, sterling silver ring band. 

Size 5.5 (can be sized up to a size 6).

Ready to ship, asap!

*Sterling Opal is one of the only man-made gemstones that we use, but it is because they are quality made with the components found in nature & they are more durable than real opals. This seems to be important when making rings, because we are all a little tough on our hands. 


  • $210.00