Devoted Heart Necklace

A heart key. A key to your heart...

A beautiful piece of Larsonite Jasper. There are striations of a toasty brown and a smooth sage blue. Larsonite Jasper is petrified bog wood that was concealed for 11-15 million years beneath volcanic activity. This Jasper color pattern is specific to Larsonite, which is only found on the Oregon/Nevada border in the Western United States. It is essentially a fossil. 😯

The Tourmaline is in a beautiful aqua shade, in an oval shape. This blue is such a striking color of this gemstone. The color accents the smooth sage blue in the Larsonite Heart. 

Both gems are set in sterling silver. The pendant is 2” in length and it is strung on an 18” chain.

One of a kind. 

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  • $290.00