• Feather Leaf Earrings
  • Feather Leaf Earrings
  • Feather Leaf Earrings

Feather Leaf Earrings

Is it a leaf, is it a feather?!? Who cares! Regardless of what you see, they are a gorgeous pair of earrings. A little bit of weight, not too heavy, but enough to have really lovely movement. 

The main body of the earring is sterling silver and the earwire, that is attached to the body, is also sterling silver. A long earwire so that the earring stays in place. There are two options for this earring, one in mixed metal and one in all sterling silver. The difference is the patterned stamen that runs down the center of the earring is either made with sterling silver or 14k gold fill*. The entire piece is brushed to give it a dimensional shine.

Made to order, please allow up to two weeks for your item to be created and shipped to you.  

*Please note that we use 14k gold fill because it is more durable than gold plate and more affordable than solid gold. Wear can happen over time but can be protected with proper care. 

  • $170.00