Gilded Oval Solitaire Ring

A vibrant piece of Egyptian Turquoise set in oxidized sterling silver* on a widened, oval shadowbox base. The oval base is sterling silver that has been oxidized and gilded with gold leaf**. The Turquoise sits within the gilded part of the oval - really making the deep teal pop. The ring setting sits flush on your finger, rather than on top of the ring, giving it a nice, low profile. The ring band has a slight horizontal etched line throughout. 

One-of-a-kind, size 7.

*Please note that oxidized sterling silver is still pure sterling silver. It is a darkening patina that gives the jewelry a vintage look. Wear can happen over time but can be protected with proper care. 

**Gold leaf is a treatment that is applied to the silver. Wear can happen over time. We recommend not submerging this ring in water. 

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  • $175.00
  • $205.00