NEW High Meadow Ring

This ring had me dreaming of windswept, coastal meadows. Delicate flowers in bloom, mixing with the tall grasses; both dancing with the sand-laden sea breeze... 

A pear shaped, teal Kyanite gemstone extend off of the thick ring band. The gemstone has facets on its face and is a lovely sage green in color. The second, smaller, oval gemstone is a Welo Opal that flashes shades of peachy-gold, turquoise & vibrant blues. The band is a thick, floral, sterling silver ring band. It has been oxidized* to enhance its texture. 

One of a kind. 

Size 7.5.

Ready to ship, asap!

*Please note that oxidized sterling silver is still sterling silver. The only difference is that an oxidizing solution has been added to the surface of the sterling silver to give it a vintage appearance. If cared for properly, the oxidization will last a long time, giving your jewelry lots of lovely depth.