NEW Multifaceted Ring with Tanzanite

Facets on facets on facets! There is lots of patterns at play here from the hammered ring band to the sawtooth bezel that wraps around the faceted Tanzanite gemstone.

The Tanzanite is a deep indigo purple, it is translucent, but dark enough that you cannot see through it all of the way around the stone. It has an organic oval/egg shape to it and it is rose cut, with the facets only on the face of the gemstone. It is set atop of a shiny, sterling silver ring band. 

The option of this ring band is to have it be a solitaire ring, so just the Tanzanite ring alone OR you can opt to add two of our thicker Bubble Bands to flank the ring. 

Size 10.

One of a kind. 

Ready to ship, asap!

  • $220.00