• Oasis Necklace
  • Oasis Necklace
  • Oasis Necklace

Oasis Necklace

Vibrant blue waters, lush greenery, warm rays of sun, sand beneath your feet... A Vermont girls winter dream. Paradise. An oasis away from the snow. This was the inspiration behind the charm on this necklace. A girls gotta dream, right? I hope this can evoke the same feelings of warmth and beauty for you, too. 

The blue waters is represented by a robins-egg blue hued Lavendar Hills Turquoise. The lush greenery is represented by a dangling piece of Green Labradorite that flashes that beautiful blue of the Turquoise. The sun is represented by these clear, light yellow Citrine gemstones. The sand is represented by the grounding, bronze hued Iron Pyrite gemstones. All of the gems below the Turquoise are wrapped in nests of sterling silver.

The pendant hangs 1.5" off of the chain. The chain is a double bead chain, 18" in length, that has a lobster clasp at the back. 

One of a kind. 

Ready to ship, asap!

  • $210.00