NEW Sinai Turquoise Necklace

I do not know if this Egyptian Turquoise is from Sinai, but most of the turquoise found in Egypt tends to come from that region. I always like to imagine where my gemstones come from, so this felt like a fitting name and vision of this necklace. 

The piece of Turquoise is a creamy, light seafoam blue, but not as green, more blue, but the same feeling. There are dark black striations throughout. It is old stock/vintage turquoise. This is a piece from the collection of the late Paul Thomas. An avid stone hunter and carver. This massive chunk of Turquoise has been set in oxidized sterling silver. There are beads and half moons and some handmade chain, plus our pinpoint chain. The necklace is 18.5" in length, allowing the pendant to rest right above the heart. The chain is finished with a lobster clasp at the back. The pendant is 3" in length. All of the sterling silver has been oxidized* to enhance all of the details. 

One of a kind. 

Ready to ship, asap!

*Please note that oxidized sterling silver is still sterling silver. The only difference is that an oxidizing solution has been added to the surface of the sterling silver to give it a vintage appearance. If cared for properly, the oxidization will last a long time, giving your jewelry lots of lovely depth.