Spirit Feather Necklace

Folklore stories say that feathers are a bridge between our world and the spirit world, and when you find a feather in your path or journey that it is a sign from a loved one that they are checking in with you or stopping by to say hi. I love the thought of this possible connection and wanted to create a necklace that symbolized that story.

The piece of Royston Turquoise is a beautiful green color, that is hard to explain. It's not grass green or sage green or kelly green, it is a smooth, calming green. Almost like a green mist or foam. I envision this as the veil that is between our world of the living and that of the departed. Below the veil or turquoise, there is a feather. It is not fixed in place, but rather it has the ability to move all about. To flutter. Like a feather from the heavens to the ground. The feather is hand formed fine silver. If you look closely on the backside, you can still see some of my fingerprints. Those felt important for me to keep vs. sand away. The thick pinpoint chain & components are sterling silver.

The necklace is 18" in length, including the charm. The feather dangles 2" from the piece of turquoise. The necklace is finished with a lobster clasp at the back.


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  • $290.00