NEW The Power of Three Solitaire Ring

In Numerology, “the 3 has a tendency to thrive in an upbeat and engaging atmosphere. Its energy is youthful and positive and it has an incredible zest for life. It dances from one experience to the next, eager to interact with others along the way.”

I’m always drawn to things in three’s - I find comfort and visual rhythm in it. I hope this ring can make you feel that. 

Broken Arrow Variscite , Australian Opal and a little nugget of sterling silver are all nestled together. The Variscite is a candy apple green, with hints of burnt umber at the edges. The Australian Opal is a light lavender purple with sparkly flecks of light green, that pairs with the green of the Variscite. The gemstones are set in sterling silver bezels and perched onto a wide, floral band that has been slightly oxidized*. 

Size 8.

One of a kind. 

Ready to ship, asap!

*Please note that oxidized sterling silver is still sterling silver. The only difference is that an oxidizing solution has been added to the surface of the sterling silver to give it a vintage appearance. If cared for properly, the oxidization will last a long time, giving your jewelry lots of lovely depth.

  • $260.00