NEW Tranquility Necklace

The metaphysical qualities of turquoise include the feeling of grounding and tranquility. It seems strange that such a vibrant stone can bring you peace, but as one who wears it often, I can attest that I can FEEL the energy of the Turquoise ground me. 

The idea behind this necklace is that you are the only one in control of your feelings. When uncomfortable situations arise, it can effect how you feel and move forwards. The ripples can then knock you off of of your course. But you are the one with the power to control how you react to these threats to your peace.  Let the ripples wash around you vs. rocking you to the core. Let the turquoise help guide that balance. 

This piece of Ol' Willie Turquoise has been mined and cut in Nevada. It is a striking, bright, robins-egg-blue in color and shape. The surface is smooth, like a river rock. Use it as a worry stone in times of strife. A pure silver charm has been added to the underside of the gemstone. This serves as a reminder of the influences on your feelings, and the strength that you carry. The Turquoise has been set in sterling silver and strung on 18" of sterling silver chain. Finished with a lobster clasp at the back of the chain. 

One of a kind. 

Ready to ship, asap!

  • $160.00